What kinds of jobs do the Duggar girls have?

The Duggars follow an evangelical faith-based group called the Life Basics Institute, which promotes traditional gender roles. Men are expected to be the primary breadwinners and women are responsible for raising children and maintaining a happy home. A woman working outside the home is presented not as a personal choice, but as a cautionary tale; a “self-rejecting” husband may compensate by spending too much on luxuries, and his wife may feel pressured to find a job to help pay the bills.

In keeping with their upbringing, most older Duggar girls chose marriage and motherhood over full-time work. Jill Dillard and Jana Duggar are the only sisters who have any known type of professional training. In 2015, Jill became a Certified Professional Midwife, per People. Three years later, she put her skills to good use helping her sister Joy-Anna Forsyth when she was in labor with her first child (the delivery had to be performed in hospital, however). But as she wrote on the Dillard Family Blog, Jill is “enjoying being a wife and mother” for now. When her sons are older – she is expecting her third boy – Jill says she could try using her training in other ways, such as teaching.

Jana has also been trained as an assistant midwife and doula, according to In Touch Weekly, but there have been no reports that she has been licensed or actively practicing.