Top 7 Reasons to Visit Kullu-Manali for All Types of Travelers

All thanks to Bollywood, India’s honeymoon capital – Manali, is in close competition with Goa to become the most sought-after destination for students as well. The inner “Bunny” and “Naina” in us is just waiting to be discovered on top of snow-capped mountains with majestic views. Kullu Manali is renowned for being a romantic honeymoon destination as well as a great place for adventure. Dreamy landscapes, lip-smacking local cuisine, street shopping and above all the adrenaline rush that comes with all thrilling adventures, are we selling more? If your answer is yes, here are 7 reasons why every type of traveler should visit Kullu-Manali!

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7 Reasons to Make Kullu-Manali a Must-See for All Types of Travelers

1. Hike

One of the main reasons young people go to Manali with friends rather than family is – all the adventure sports! Far from the eyes that parents usually tend to make to their children, adventure sports are best done with friends. Manali attracts a large number of hikers, trekkers, mountain climbers, nature trail enthusiasts, etc. If you identify with this or have always wanted to climb a mountain, now is the time. Better to research all easy treks and requirements for all beginners.


2. Solang Valley

Solang Valley is the perfect place if you are looking for all kinds of adventure activities. Paragliding, river crossing, trekking, horse riding, zorbing, quad biking, cable car and much more! If you are a group of adrenaline junkies, Solang Valley is a must on your itinerary. Devote a good day or two and try to cover all the activities this place has in store for you. Skiing is another adrenaline-pumping sport that Solang specializes in. Do your research and pack all the gear you need to make your ski trip unforgettable.


3. Rohtang Pass

This famous spot in Manali lives up to the hype surrounding it. No Manali postcard is complete without a photo of the Rohtang Pass! Rohtang Pass acts as a connector from Kullu Valley to Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Get the absolute best panoramic views from this dreamy, elevated location.


4. Rafting

Rafting is truly an activity like no other. Performed on the mighty rapids of the Beas River, this whitewater rafting will leave you with unforgettable memories. It is safe even for rafting beginners as long as you listen and follow all instructions.


5. Bhrigu Lake

As its name suggests, it is a very important lake in our country. According to history, many saints meditated on this lake. There are many treks in Manali that have Lake Bhrigu as their selling point. You can also camp there. It is believed that this lake never freezes, even if it is cold!


6. Hot springs

There are a large number of natural hot springs located in the Kullu and Manali regions. Be sure to try this unique attraction.


7. Do the coffee tour

As this place caters to young people wholeheartedly, there are a large number of trendy cafes and restaurants. Try local hillside cafes, sip ginger and honey tea, savor delicious khattas, bhey, babrus, patande and more!


We are sure that every traveler will enjoy the scenery and aura of Kullu Manali. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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