Recover lost hand functions thanks to innovative surgery | Health lifestyle

The value of routine and mundane activities is understood only when one is unable to perform them as usual. Such was the state of a patient at Meitra Hospital, victim of a serious accident leading to paralysis of the right hand, limiting his daily activities. Our patient, a young man from Oman, who tried tirelessly for 15 years to seek a permanent solution for his hand injury and finally found a cure at the Hand, Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery department at Meitra with the help of our expert surgeons.

In his own words, the patient recounts his traumatic experience of searching for a cure for his condition, where he consulted renowned reconstructive and super-specialty surgeons around the world. He traveled to the UK, US and Korea to be disappointed after undergoing several surgeries and treatment options. Several doctors have even advised undergoing an amputation and some have even suggested waiting another decade for innovations in medicine to emerge. Despite all this discouraging medical advice, his positive spirit and continuous search for better and perfect treatment led him to Meitra Hospital in Kerala where he finally had a ray of hope.

Our Expert Doctors from Hand Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery Division of Bone Joints and Spine Department of the Hospital, Dr. Gopalakrishnan ML, Head and Senior Consultant, Dr. Febin Ahmed PI, Orthopedic Surgeon , Consultant Dr Vishnu Raja evaluated him thoroughly and ensured a way to reverse his condition through a modern surgical procedure known as brachial plexus surgery. With the support of an expert technical team, our skilled surgeons direct the surgery.

The goal of planned brachial plexus surgery was to restore sensation and motor function to the shoulder, arm, and hand, which allowed the patient to perform basic activities with the compromised right hand. The operation was a success and the patient was discharged within a few days. This procedure allowed him to gain up to three kilograms of weight, and also to drive his car or bicycle. His happiness had no limit because he could use his right hand after 15 years! With sincere gratitude to the doctors at Meitra and the team, our patient from Oman is now living a better quality of life.

(Dr. Gopalakrishnan ML is Chief and Senior Consultant and Dr. Febin Ahmed PI is Orthopedic Surgeon at Meitra Hospital, Kozhikode)