Prior nod must be given to officers to attend functions outside Himachal Pradesh : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Pratibha Chauhan

Shimla, April 29

The embarrassment caused by the presence of the incumbent and former deputy commissioners of a district at an award ceremony in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has forced the state government to ask all its officers to request the prior authorization to attend such a ceremony.

Embarrassment caused to the state government

The outgoing and previous Deputy Commissioners of a district were present at a ceremony to receive the Prime Minister’s Award for the implementation of the e-NAM project, which facilitates mobile commerce of agricultural products.

The Department of Personnel today sent a letter warning all Chief Administrative Officers, Heads of Departments, Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to refrain from such practices. The letter also mentions that in case prior and timely authorization is not sought, action will be taken against the officer concerned.

Several cases of incidents where officers, including DCs, attended award ceremonies outside Himachal, either without informing or only informing a day earlier, have been brought to the fore. government attention.

The Personnel Department has issued orders that prior permission, well in advance, must be sought from higher authority before going to an awards ceremony. “It has been noticed that some officers are giving opinions at very short notice, which makes it difficult to obtain approval from the competent authority,” the letter reads. Moreover, they proceed without explicit authorization.

The letter clearly mentions that there have been cases which have been marked by the presence of the outgoing officer and his predecessor at ceremonies presided over by eminent dignitaries.

This has caused undue inconvenience and an unnecessary burden on the public purse. Such actions by officers are a violation of the provisions of the rules of conduct, the letter states.