PhD in polymer chemistry at the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF LOUVAIN

Project title: Networks based on Foldamers: towards resistant, extensible and tireless materials?

The objective of this highly interdisciplinary 4-year thesis is to study polymer networks containing aromatic oligoamide foldamers as active mechanical elements. Foldamers of different lengths will first have to be synthesized during research stays in the group of Prof. Ivan Huc (Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany). They will then be inserted into polymer networks of different topologies. The rheological and mechanical properties of these networks will be characterized to gain an in-depth understanding of structure-property relationships.

The student will have access to the doctoral training offered at UCLouvain and to the expertise developed in the bio and soft matter center of the IMCN research institute ( /bsma) and in the group of Professor Ivan Huc (

Desired start date: September or October 2022

Applications must be sent by email (a single pdf file containing a detailed CV, a transcript obtained during the Master, a cover letter, and the names and contact details of at least two references)