New technology functions from Siemens for Sinumerik One | CRA Notice

Siemens has expanded its offer around the native digital CNC Sinumerik One. The new CNC generation, introduced in 2019, also offers software and hardware innovations this year. With the new Sinumerik V6.20 software, new Sinumerik One’s technological features simplify operation, reduce machine wear and increase productivity.

With the new Y-turning function, Sinumerik One can now be used for machines that turn from the Y-axis, allowing up to 3 times the feedrate and resulting in increased productivity. New tool types have been created for this purpose and all functionality and turning cycles have been adapted to these tools.

The Advanced Rapid Movement function is also one of the innovations in technological functions. It allows for time-optimized movement, which means faster movements take place between machining operations. It is not necessary to modify the part program for this. Overall, machining can be up to ten percent faster. The function must be implemented in cooperation with the machine manufacturer.

With Reduced Dynamic Mode, there is now a function that reduces machine wear and thus increases machine availability. The NCK function allows the machine tool builder to automatically switch the machine tool to reduced operation, for example if the axis becomes too hot. On the other hand, the machine can also be reset to full load. In this way, the reduced dynamic mode allows individual operation in motion.

In the hardware area, there are also innovations for the Sinumerik One that are designed to simplify operation: The new keyboards and machine control panels (MCP) are now available from 15 to 24 inches consistently to match the HMI. And Simatic Industrial Thin Clients (ITC) and industrial PCs are released with increased performance and resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels.