“My exposure and my experience in the HR function encompass several functions”

She has driven innovations and improvements that integrated employee development and business objectives / goals at Barclays.

A seasoned Employee Relations Specialist with a proven track record in the financial services industry, Divya Chathly, Vice President / Head of India – ER Direct, Barclays Global Services, single-handedly set up the service line of case management in India, resulting in consolidation of all case management activities with a team of experienced emergency counselors.

The service ensures consistency of case management advice, reduction of case aging and is the one-stop-shop point for all IMs, thematic analyzes and data insights for companies, which has helped them to lead interventions to proactively solve coworker issues, reducing coworker and driving risks. .

“My exposure and experience across the HR function spans multiple functions, roles, stakeholders and projects, which has allowed me to be a strong HR professional,” says Chathly.

With a constant and continuous focus on the people agenda involving personal development, career empowerment, professional and personal growth for oneself and team members, Chathly has been at the origin of ‘innovations and improvements that have integrated employee development and business objectives / goals at Barclays.

While trying to stand out in any new organization, handling a very critical case involving a senior executive, there always seems to be a push from management to take very strict action. The same was the case with Chahthly when she was unable to align with the culture of the organization and they wanted to take this opportunity to take a difficult call. “The allegations themselves, although well founded, did not call for very severe action under normal circumstances and I had to push back very strongly to agree on the right action based on the facts of the case and I also suggested another way to handle the problem at hand, ”Chathly recalls.

Once the correction is made, a root cause analysis is undertaken and, accordingly, measures are put in place to ensure that such a situation does not recur in the future.

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