Kumho Petrochemical aims for “values ​​beyond chemistry”

Kumho Petrochemical Group is focusing on its core business while planning for the future. [KUMHO PETROCHEMIAL GROUP]

The group recorded its strongest performance last year, building on a solid petrochemical-oriented business structure despite global uncertainty.

On its 50th birthday last year, he suggested a new direction for the company and said it was becoming a “solution partner to create a common future with values ​​beyond chemistry”.

Kumho Petrochemical Group will strengthen its core business this year and continue its efforts to occupy future businesses to lay the foundation for the next 50 years.

Kumho Petrochemical Group has an advanced business portfolio focusing on high value-added general-purpose synthetic rubber products and strengthens the competitiveness of its core business.

In particular, NB Latex, a raw material for latex gloves, is focusing on diversifying its product line to maintain its global leadership.

In addition, the group plans to create added value for NB Latex by continuing research and development activities to lighten NB Latex used for medical gloves.

Kumho P&B Chemical enhances the competitiveness of its flagship products by leveraging the strength of the vertical integration of phenol derivatives of phenol and acetone with BPA and epoxy resin.

As epoxy resin is also used as a raw material for wind turbine blades, it is attracting attention in conjunction with the recent spread of new and renewable energy.

Accordingly, Kumho P&B Chemical focuses on developing high-value epoxies using its own technological know-how while continuously increasing its annual epoxy resin production capacity.

In addition, the company plans to ensure stable raw material supply of epoxy resin through bio-ECH joint investment.

Kumho Mitsui Chemicals is a leading domestic enterprise for MDI, which is an essential raw material of polyurethane.

The company aims to improve cost competitiveness by increasing production capacity from 410,000 tons per year to 610,000 tons by 2023.

It will make inroads into the overseas market this year, increasing its competitiveness and its ability to sell MDI products.

In addition, Kumho Petrochemical Group is also striving to foster new growth drivers for the coming future.

Kumho Petrochemical Group will start selling carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which are gaining attention as a key lithium secondary battery (LIB) conductive additive for electric vehicles.

In addition, the company is preparing to develop its business using engineering plastics (EP) as one of its growth engines in the synthetic resins sector.

It will focus on PE development activities that can be used for environmentally friendly means of transport such as electric vehicles.

Along with the chemical business, the group is also focusing on leisure activities after the acquisition of Kumho Resort.

Kumho Resort is working to improve some aging facilities and surrounding areas.

The Golf Business Division, which operates Asiana CC in Yongin, introduced an AI course management solution using drones to establish a differentiated management system.

BY HAJIN KIM [[email protected]]