IMO monarchs ban high priest from government duties – The Sun Nigeria

By Stanley Uzoaru Owerri

The verbal war between the Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers and the High Priest of Owerri, Reginald Ejiogu, was reignited on Wednesday when the royal fathers banned him from attending government functions.

Deputy Chairman of the State Council of Traditional Leaders, Eze Akujuobi Osuagwu, who was still reacting to a comment made earlier by the high priest that no monarch should bless the kola nut in any office before him at the municipality of Owerri, added that such a statement by Ejiogu is disrespectful. .

Osuagwu further reminded Ejiogu that his place remains the shrine.

“He has no right to bless the kola nut in any government office where there are royal fathers let alone the state council of traditional rulers he should no longer participate in any government office let him stay in his sanctuary,” he said. .

“He can bless the kola nut in his community not in front of us he should stop embarrassing the traditional rulers of the state we are the guardians of the culture of our people this shows no respect for us or for our office staff.

He can bless the kola nut in his community, he should not go out to embarrass the royal father of the state,” Osuagwu said.

But in a quick reaction to Osuagwu, Ejiogu described his ban as laughable. “They have no right to ban me, this is my territory, they know what I say is true, they are only trying to cover me up,” he said.

“How can they ban me and ask me to stay in my shrine is laughable they should be the ones who stay in their kingdom and mind their communities business instead of looking for kola nuts to bless you can asking any Igbo elder is the tradition,” Ejiogu said.

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