‘I was in love with this structure’ – Yankees legend Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez and Bill Gates share this particular nighttime habit

The nighttime habit of prioritizing and protecting his time has helped Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez achieve immense success. Interestingly, the routine he sticks to is also followed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. This habit proved wonderful for the CEO of Microsoft and if we can try it, it could also be useful to us.

The athlete used this nighttime habit when he played as a professional baseball player. It helped him a lot.


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Alex Rodriguez swears by this habit

Yankees legend Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez swears by this nighttime habit of writing things down. A to-do list. He once said that writing things down helps him remember them.

TAMPA – FEBRUARY 17: Infielder Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees pauses during a news conference about his use of performance-enhancing drugs at the George Steinbrenner Complex on February 17, 2009 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

He followed this routine while still playing baseball as a professional to prioritize his time. In an interview with The New York Times Magazine, A-Rod said: “I was in love with this structure. I had a list of my 10 things I had to do and checked it every night before I went to bed to see how many I had done.

Various researches have also shown that writing things down before sleeping helps the person to calm down. Which ultimately helps with a good night’s sleep. It helps reduce stress levels and keeps anxiety levels where they should be.


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The things we do right before bed determine how we go to sleep. For example, screening just before sleep delays sleepiness. It makes you more active and awake. While writing things down before sleeping will help the thoughts running through your mind to calm down and sleep well.

A-Rod isn’t the only one following this habit


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That habit of A-Rod that he swears others are following too. Others here include self-made billionaire, Bill Gates.

Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Richard Branson once said in his blog: “Although he is renowned for his computer genius, he is not above humble pen and paper.”


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What do you think of the comments made by Alex Rodriguez on his nocturnal habit? Do you agree with him?