Functions of iron for the human body

Nation World News Iron is one of the most important micronutrients for the body. What is the function of iron for the human body? Some of the functions of iron for the human body are:

  • Makes hemoglobin and binds oxygen
  • myoglobin formation
  • brain growth and development
  • main components of enzymes
  • Supports electron transport and energy synthesis
  • supports the immune system

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Makes hemoglobin and binds oxygen

The primary function of iron for the human body is to make hemoglobin and bind oxygen.

Hemoglobin is made up of four globular peptides, each containing iron with heme as its core.

reported from Libratex MedicineThe iron in hemoglobin binds to oxygen in the lung capillaries and transports it to where the oxygen leaves the cells.

Thus, iron deficiency can reduce hemoglobin production in red blood cells, reduce oxygen binding, and cause anemia. The structure of hemoglobin with four peptides and an iron core (Fe+) is also heme.

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myoglobin formation

Iron also plays a role in the formation of myoglobin.

reported from british encyclopediaMyoglobin is a protein in muscle cells that stores oxygen. The oxygen in myoglobin is used to support muscle contraction.

brain growth and development

reported from Harvard School of Public HealthIron is important for healthy brain development and the development of fetuses and babies.

Indeed, iron plays an important role in cognitive development, the formation of brain cells as well as the cells that make up the nervous system.

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main components of enzymes

Iron is also a major component of various enzymes. reported from Light learningIndeed, iron is a cofactor for enzymes.

Examples are the antioxidant enzyme cofactors, catalase, proline, lysine and various other metabolic enzymes.

Supports electron transport and energy synthesis

The function of iron for the human body is also to promote the transport of electrons and the synthesis of energy in the form of ATP.

Indeed, iron forms a variety of proteins and the electron transport chain.
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supports the immune system

The next function of iron for the human body is to support the immune system.

Indeed, iron is one of the elements that make up the immune system, particularly in primary and secondary immune responses.

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