Danfoss enables next generation autonomous machine functions

Danfoss Power Solutions will use IVT Expo 2022 to highlight its ever-expanding portfolio of technologies for the stand-alone machine market, all of which will be showcased at (booth 2026)

A number of products will receive their industry show premieres at this year’s show, including several involving Plus+1 Autonomy, a Danfoss software platform that enables machine builders to bring support functions to the operator and autonomous to their vehicles. This innovative platform leverages advanced software algorithms and high processing power controllers to manage high data rate sensors.

Above: the Danfoss PLUS+1 XM100 controller

The center stage at IVT Expo 2022 will be the new Danfoss PLUS+1 XM100 controller, which enables machine manufacturers to integrate autonomous operator assistance into off-road applications such as road construction, specialized agriculture, material handling, ports and airports, lawn and turf maintenance, and mining. Offering a fast track to Level 3 autonomy, customers adopting the XM100 can experience increased safety and productivity with operator assistance enabled by perception sensors such as LiDAR and radar.

The XM100 controller houses a powerful i.MX6 processor, advanced GNNS reception and a 6-axis inertial measurement unit, while the built-in PLUS+1 autonomous control library provides the underlying algorithms for Level 3 autonomy in pre-programmed function blocks, saving valuable programmer time.

The human touch

As visitors to the IVT 2022 exhibition will discover, another major element of Danfoss Power Solutions’ stand-alone machinery offering is its full range of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) products.

Above: Danfoss Ikontrol transmitter family

Above: the new family photo of portable transmitters

The company’s HMI CAN-based devices, such as PLUS+1 displays, PLUS+1 joysticks and pedals, PLUS+1 the remote controls and the rotating HMR CAN combine ergonomics, modernity and robustness in compact solutions for open and closed cabins. For example, the Danfoss series of robust and powerful PLUS+1 programmable displays are available in multiple sizes, feature high quality bright displays and are available with a number of selectable options.

Electrical performance

Another showcase at IVT Expo 2022 will focus on zero-emissions construction with Danfoss Editron electric drive systems and digital displacement pump technology, putting OEMs at the forefront of construction machinery electrification. a commercially viable way.

Above: the Danfoss digital volumetric pump

This combination of these technologies offers the most efficient electric battery and hydraulic system architecture solution on the market for machines such as excavators. Digital displacement not only reduces energy consumption by 25-50%, it also reduces the cost of the motor and other system components by eliminating waste heat.

Danfoss Power Solutions invites IVT Expo 2022 to its booth for a discussion on specific project requirements. The company’s friendly team of experts will be happy to introduce you to the key technologies needed to begin the journey to autonomy and electrification.