7 features you need to enable on your iPhone to protect yourself from theft

a Iphone (iOSIt has some security features which, if enabled, can provide more protection to the cell phone and reduce damage in the event of theft and theft, for example. By configuring in a few steps through the “Settings” section of the smartphone, third-party tools prevent access to information saved in the device’s memory or in iCloud. Thus, important contents, such as passwords, documents and bank details, can be stored more securely. See below seven functions that can protect your mobile phone and how to activate them.

List of seven security features to activate on iPhone (iOS) and protect the mobile phone against theft and theft – Photo: Thássius Veloso / TechTudo

1. Use Face ID or Touch ID

Face ID and Touch ID provide an additional layer of security for Iphone (iOS). The tools act as a second authentication and can be used as a secure way to unlock a cell phone and confirm payments made by IphoneDownload new apps and connect to apps. Additionally, in banking applications, such as Nubank, it is possible to use biometrics as an additional layer of protection.

If you didn’t enable Face ID when setting up a file Iphone For the first time, go to Settings and tap on Face ID & Passcode. Then click on Set up Face ID and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. It should be noted that with the latter UpdatesApple also released a feature To set up Face ID with a mask or glasses.

End of registration of the new face on Face ID – Photo: clone / Helito Pegiora

look for Iphone“It’s another tool that can help in case of loss or theft. Thanks to it, a mobile phone can be located even if it is turned off or without an Internet connection. Moreover, the tool is still able to prevent anyone from activating or using Iphone If the device is lost.

To enable the feature, simply go to your phone’s settings, tap your name, then tap “Search.” On the next screen, go to “Search Iphoneand move the switch to the right to activate the option. When enabled, the feature also allows you to erase data from a file Iphone remotely in case of theft.

Access Find iPhone in cell phone settings – Photo: clone / Rodrigo Fernandez

3. Enable two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is another feature that adds an extra layer of protection to user accounts. iCloudand connections to websites and applications. With the functionality, in addition to the personal password, it is necessary to enter a second code to confirm the identity. In the Iphone (iOS), you can always turn on the two-factor authentication feature to protect your Apple ID and other accounts. To check if the gadget is enabled on your phone, go to settings. Then click on the name and then on “Password and security”.

Enabling two-factor authentication on iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

4. Disable Lock Screen Features

Another safety feature is available in Iphone (iOSAllows you to select which features will be available on the lock screen. If you want, you can remove access to Notification Center and Control Center when your mobile phone is locked, for example.

To decide which features will be available and which will not be available on the lock screen, go to “Settings” and tap on “Face ID & Passcode”. To continue, confirm the code of Iphone And on the next screen, swipe down until you find the “Allow entry when locked” tab. There, just turn off the switch next to the available options to remove lock screen features.

Disabling features on the iPhone lock screen (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

5. Hide banking apps from home screen and search

These tips apply not only to banking apps, but also to social media apps and other important platforms. a Iphone It has a feature that allows you to remove the app from the mobile home screen and app library, making it difficult for third parties to find the app if stolen, for example .

To hide the application, it is necessary to follow a few steps. First, select it on the home screen, tap on the “Remove app” option, then tap on “Remove from home screen”. Then in Settings IphoneTap the corresponding app and tap “Siri & Search”. To continue, turn off the switches next to “Show app in search”, “Show on home screen” and “Suggest an app”. In this way, the application will no longer be visible on the mobile phone, and it will only be possible to access it by searching in the application library.

Removing an app from the home screen, app library and search on iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

6. Enable the “Erase all data” switch

a Iphone (iOSIt also has a very useful security tool in case of theft or theft. With it, you can allow the smartphone to automatically delete all saved data in case of an attempt to hack the cell phone. With the feature enabled, the file Iphone Clears all data after 10 incorrect passcode presses.

To enable the feature, go to Settings and tap on Face ID & Passcode. Next, provide the mobile icon and swipe the screen until you find the “Clear data” option. By default, the feature is disabled. To activate it, just turn the switch to the right.

Activate the “Erase data” button to protect the iPhone (iOS) – Photo: Reproduction / Clara Fabro

7. Determine the blocking according to the time of use

You can always set maximum time limits for using certain apps as well as how long to use the device. This way, you can decide which types of apps you want to block on your phone when you reach the specified limit for the day. To access the feature, go to phone settings and tap on “Usage time”. Then tap App Limits and Add Limit.

Next, select the app categories you want to block and click Next. To continue, enter the maximum app usage time for that day and tap Add. Thus, all apps in the selected category will be blocked when the daily limit is reached. It should be remembered that the limits are reset daily in the middle of the night.

Limit the time of use – Photo: Reproduction / Helito Beggiora

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