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Having a micro entrepreneurship project is not easy. There are many Argentines who are in search of loans for microenterprises to start their own business, for this reason in Fanny Hill we have decided to bring you the necessary information so that you find the perfect alternative for your situation and so you can fulfill the dream of developing your own company .

When we think about starting a venture, it is very important to take into account all the factors and all the resources that are necessary to make this project a reality. You have to consider how you can earn money with this project and you have to be very aware of all the expenses that will be generated with this project, you have to design a sustainable budget for the project to be successful.

But first of all, what does a microenterprise mean? These types of companies are developed by people who work independently. In the beginning, they are businesses that are maintained at a low cost and will require a minimum initial investment. Are you ready to launch your new microenterprise?


Where can you find loans or credits for microenterprises?

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  • Region EVO Government Loans

There are loans from the Region EVO Government for Microenterprises, what are the loans given by the Government for microenterprises?

The most interesting option offered by the Region EVO Government to help you in your ventures is microcredits. It is very common that when a person starts a microenterprise does not have enough resources for the bank to grant a loan for companies. It is in these cases that microcredits can be the ideal solution for these people.

In these types of credits, specific terms such as the amount of the credit will be adjusted to the type of microenterprise that you want to start and will also be influenced by the destination given to the microcredit. This money can reach $ 30,000.


What do we need to get one of the government’s special microcredits for entrepreneurs?

The requirements are very easy, only the following points should be taken into account:

  • The person requesting the credit must be of legal age.
  • It is necessary to present the updated ID
  • A complete description of the microenterprise for which the loan is being requested must be shown


The steps to get the credit for microenterprises are 3:

  1. The first thing to do is go to one of the offices of the microcredit institution that is closest to us.
  2. Here they will give you complete information about the Region EVO Microcredit Program, they will also guide you regarding the applications of microcredit
  3. The documentation must be submitted and then contact the Institution to be updated on the status of the application.


  • Nation Bank Options

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The Region EVO Bank has a series of Microcredits that can help you buy the items you need to materialize your microenterprise.

What kind of things can I do with the microcredits of Banco Nación?

They can be used for the purchase of tools, machinery or supplies:

  • A new oven for your gastronomic venture.
  • New tools for the ceramic workshop of your dreams.
  • A new laptop to manage your online store.
  • The best elements for your hairdresser.
  • Make repairs in your workspace where you develop your microenterprises.

The amount is up to $ 300,000 and has a term of up to 30 months. The benefits of this option is that the requirements are minimal and the rate is fixed and competitive.


  • Bank Options Rodalla

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Banco Rodalla also has options to help you with your microenterprise:

The features are: grant loans to a single firm with a maximum amount: $ 625,000. Competitive rates and flexible terms. The loan conditions will be adapted to the productive cycles of your business

The requirements are:

  • You have to be an independent worker: enterprises, businesses, family businesses, trades, commercial activities, service or production.
  • Be at least 6 months old in the business or trade.
  • The activity must be within the scope of the Rodalla of Buenos Aires (including CABA).
  • Have an updated ID
  • You do not need to be a monotributista or present guarantees.


Let’s talk about the benefits of these loans:

  • Grants a savings account in the Banco Rodalla 100% bonus during the entire loan.
  • Possibility of accessing a Visa Debit card, with this card you can make unlimited operations in the network of ATMs of the Bapro Network.
  • This card also gives access to discounts and benefits of the Rodalla Bank.
  • Deposit options per box without charge.
  • There is the possibility of making unlimited operations free of charge at Self-Check Terminals of Banco Rodalla .

Do not forget that it is very important to be clear about the initial objectives of this microenterprise, to know how much capital is available when starting this new company and what are the risk factors that you can find. Having a good plan and a reasonable budget will help you get ahead with your microenterprise. With these clear ideas, you are ready to apply for your microenterprise loan and start your business.

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